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About us

Vitaker London is an European company based in England since 2008 specialized in hair straightening methods and moisturizers. Although the company is 100% European, our team members are mainly Brazilian. As Brazilian hair professionals, we know how excellent Brazil’s reputation is for high standard quality products and hair straightening.

So we combine the best of both worlds – high level of service from Europe and amazing formulations and natural ingredients from Brazil (such as nuts, seeds and oil from our rainforest, Amazonia). All Vitaker products are manufactured in Brazil, following the most rigorous procedures and all are UK/EU tested and approved, in compliance with health and safety standards.

The first product we introduced to the market was SENSE Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which remains our best seller. The reason for its success is two-fold. It has an exclusive gel formulation, which doesn’t create fumes during the blow-drying process, and it treats the hair, leaving it straight, so it’s pleasant to apply in the salon. Our approach for all our professional products is to put ourselves in the hairdresser’s position, so we can meet their needs and expectations. The same approach is applied for the end customer – we always consider what they need from the products they will buy to use at home.

As Brazilian hair professionals, we know how important it is to look after hair. Brazil’s beauty market is now the third largest on the planet, so when it comes to beauty we definitely know what we are talking about!

Our focus is not just on developing Brazilian Keratin hair straightening products.  We care passionately about hair treatments, so we developed the SOS and Smart Care range of products that treat hair from within as well as repairing and preventing damage.


Thanks to fast and sustainable growth of Vitaker, our products can be found in over 20 European countries, Russia and East-Central European countries.



If you want to learn more about our products, contact one of our staff members today for a consultation on our range of products, conditions and terms. You can reach us by e-mail or instant message us on our Whatsapp number (e-mail and phone number available in the Contact area).
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