Everyone knows that is difficult to have a Beautiful Summer Hair, even because the sun attacks a lot your hair, especially during the summertime. There are several reasons for this transformation. The heat from the sun is not only burning your skin, it is also degrading your hair of its protective proteins. This causes the color to oxidize and turn brassy. The shine is gone, and your hair is brittle, broken, and fried. Speaking of fried, your hair literally cooks under ultraviolet rays.

Why is my hair so frizzy and so difficult to have a Beautiful Summer Hair?

If your hair gets super frizzy in the summer, we know what you´re passing through. The thirsty hair absorbs the extra humidity, which causes the hair shaft to swell. The swelling also breaks the cuticle. Say Hi to frizz!

The best thing to do is keep your hair and scalp moisturized whether you choose to go with a salon treatment for damaged hair, a salon scalp treatment, or a do-it-yourself remedy. You can use natural oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, and other blends mixed with water. Although wearing your hair down in the summer seems to be practically impossible, there are solutions you can use to try to keep it maintained.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you love your bold, natural ringlets. It gives you a natural, cool edge. However, curls also have a mind of their own! They may take a turn that you do not like. You can manage these rebellious locks by getting a haircut just at the shoulders. It is a balance between wild and soft. The shorter it is, the wilder it will look.

curly hairIf you are thinking longer, go with long layers that are no shorter than six inches. Any layers that are too short will spring up and disrupt the overall effect of the shape, especially if your hair is thin. Also, avoid layers made with a razor; the split ends will frizz.

So, when you go to your stylist for a summer cut, be sure to include a dry cut, a shoulder-grazing length, and long layers on the checklist. Check the salon for a rich, moisturizing styling cream before you leave.

Straight and Fine Hair

If your hair is fine and straight, you probably do not even know what frizz is! On the other hand, your hair will feel like it is plastered to your head, especially with the humidity. For the summertime, you should get a bob that is angled. It can be slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front. If you like bangs, consider a deep, side cut. This look is ideal for a thin or oval face. This shorter cut will be easy to manage

Straight HairAnother reason a bob is a good haircut for thin hair is that you have more hair follicles per square inch. Your roots probably get greasy and flat because of more oil-causing glands. This style of haircut will help this problem so that you do not have to wash your hair every day.

Avoid having your thin, straight hair too long in the summer. It will be hard for your hair to hold a style after it gets below the shoulders. You do not want to add layers, either. Besides a few long ones, it will make your hair look stringy.

You might want to vamp up your plain look with a few face-framing highlights and a lightweight volumizing spray.

Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, you can practically wash your hair and go. You probably look like you just stepped off of a beachside photo shoot. Your hair is naturally tousled. However, your hair is very inconsistent. It can look beautiful in one spot with a natural twist, but then on the other side, it is frizzy and flat.

You need a cut with varying lengths of layers. If you ask your hair stylist to start about halfway between your crown and ends, then you will encourage a full, not frizzy, wavy look. If your hair is extra thick, you can have the last inch or so of the bottom thinned out a little.

You never want to cut your hair with a razor or serrated edge. This will fray the delicate waves and leave the ends looking fried before you even hit the beach. If your hair is thin, avoid getting too many layers; otherwise, your style will be a pouf instead of holding a shape.

You want mid-length to end layers and a thinned out bottom. Be sure to grab some silicone serum and have a Beautiful Summer Hair.

Straight and Thick Hair

If your hair is thick and somewhat straight, you have lush, full locks. At the same time, you have a lot of hair already, so humidity only makes it worse. A triangular silhouette will widen at the bottom at the thought of moisture.

In order to avoid this expansion, you can keep your hair longer. Although you have thick hair, the length will help prevent it from becoming overinflated. Likewise, you do not want a heavy drapery of hair throughout the summer.

The shortest you can go regarding a haircut is one that falls to at least your collarbone. This gives you enough weight and extra control. You should also request long layers that start about four inches above the ends. This will avoid the pyramid look. Another way to manage thick, straight hair in the summertime is by thinning at least the last two inches. That way, you will not have to deal with as much bulk.

Make sure you steer clear of blunt lines that make your hair look and feel heavier. Do not get any short layers, either, because this will make the fullness more difficult to achieve. A light-hold spray gel will help you reach the perfect look and have a Beautiful Summer Hair.


By following these hair care tips, you can enjoy the summer in style and have a Beautiful Summer Hair . You will be able to manage your hair no matter what kind of texture, length, or color it is. Get ready for the endless compliments about your do.