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Straightening Methods


Smoothing treatment, capable of reducing frizz and volume whilst treating the hair

Innovative Bio formulation

Hair can be washed on the same day of the treatment.

Suitable for dark coloured hair, wavy hair, very thick and afro-caribbean hair

How the product works:

Acts in hair whilst treating it. The low PH of the product allows the micro molecules to penetrate the hair shaft aligning the hair cuticle, at the same time the keratin and protein reconstruct all the gaps in the hair shaft internally. As a result, hair will be nourished and straight.

Key ingredients in the formula:

Nano Protein and Amino Acids: Nano particles of proteins can easily penetrate the hair shaft breaking the disulfide bonds. It also acts inside the cuticle filling the gaps, making hair more resistant as well as making it regain its natural elasticity.

Antioxidant and Vitamin E: This vitamin and butter acts inside the hair shaft creating a protective barrier inside the intercellular cement, protecting hair and restoring its shine and moisture.

Hydrolized Keratin: It’s responsible for filling gaps and making hair stronger, shinier and more resilient. It also realigns the internal hair structure due to the double layer of polymers acting on the hair surface, creating a protective film in the hair cuticle against external damages.

Shea butter: It is a rich ingredient responsible for leaving hair hydrated and nourished, in the formula it acts by reducing frizz and keeping hair hydrated for longer.



Frizz-free hair

Volume reduction and/or straight hair (which will depend on the procedure done)

Healthy, shiny and smooth hair

Results can last up to 4 months




1 - Can I apply Biohairvolux over blonde bleached hair?

As the product is cysteine based it can interact with the hair colour turning it yellow. However, it works very well over dark coloured hair and afro caribbean hair