Macadamia it’s one of the finest nuts in the planet. Native from Australia this plant (which is fruit is the macadamia nut).  Has a high nutritional value both for health and your hair. According to a research made by us, it tastes as good when you eat it as it tastes when you use our products that have macadamia in it. Although it’s main characteristic that makes it so good for your hair are all the nutrients present in the oil extracted from the nut that protect your hair against UV Radiation, pollution, heat damage and chemicals applied from other treatments. It also hydrates your hair and reduces the frizz of your hair. One of our latest products Cell has, among many others, this amazing oil in its ingredients so you can take the best care for your hair, with our fantastic products. Macadamia can also be eaten or used in foods, also it is possible to use the oil in your skin since it has skin protection agents and helps in keeping it young!

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