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Moisturizing & Repairing Treatments

SOS Pre-treatment Shampoo

The pre-treatment shampoo was developed to promote a gentle cleansing of hair, without damaging it or stripping away its natural protective oil. It can also stabilize the PH, preparing hair to receive the most suitable treatment.

To be used before the SOS treatments

Suitable for all hair types, especially fine, damaged, fragile hair.

How the product works:

The SOS Pre-treatment Shampoo formula contains essential ingredients to restore health to hair, including keratin, macadamia and argan oil.  These elements have “fixing” molecules that use intelligent technology and milder tensoactives derived from corn. The shampoo will remove only hair residue (grease, dirt), entirely preserving the hair structure, and, most importantly, it will stabilize hair PH, preparing the hair to receive the repairing and treatments.

Key ingredients in the formula:

Hydrolyzed Collagen and Keratin: Polyquaternium 7 is an anti-static agent. It prevents the buildup of static electricity and forms a thin coating on the hair shaft that is absorbed by the hair, inhibiting it from absorbing moisture and creating frizz.

21 Coated Amino Acids and Vitamin B: This rich blend mimics the scalps natural oil production to provide nourishment and moisture from the inside out. It is also extremely lightweight and non-greasy which makes it perfect for all hair textures. It works on any type of hair – baby fine, fine, coarse, curly, extra-coarse, and coiled hair.


  • Promotes gentle cleansing
  • Neutral PH
  • Stabilizes hair PH
  • Sodium Chloride free
  • Mild tensoactives in order to preserve the hair structure

Professional tip:

SOS Pre-treatment Shampoo is a treatment shampoo with neutral PH, it is not a cleansing shampoo. It is strongly advisable prior to repairing treatments, to use a treatment shampoo, cleansing shampoo should NOT be used.




An innovative shampoo formula containing the exclusive Bio Repair system and keratin complex that delicately washes the hair, retaining its natural protective barrier.

Prepares hair for repair and reconstruction treatments.