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Smart Care Colour Shampoo & Conditioner

The special formula of Smart Care Colour Shampoo and Conditioner delivers great results for coloured hair, keeping tones brighter for longer and helping soften and hydrate .

Its gentle action promotes delicate cleansing, prevents fading and maintains volume. It protects hair from dryness, leaving it shiny and bright. It can be used after straightening treatments and contains no sodium chloride.

The formula conditions hair, helps detangling, improves manageability and preserves hair colour, while keeping it hydrated.

Suitable for all types of dyed hair.

Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary. Apply conditioner to freshly washed hair and massage gently. Leave on hair for 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly, removing excess product.

Key ingredients in the formula:

Cocos nucifera oil: provides numerous benefits to enhance the health of hair, thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing characteristics. It is rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, including vitamins K and E, allowing it to act inside the hair shaft and providing shine, nourishment and strengthening.

Panthenol: the action of this component increases the vitality and beauty of hair. It revitalizes damaged and brittle hair, leaving it thicker and more elastic.

Shea Butter: this active ingredient is rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and E. It has a revitalizing effect when applied to hair, providing shine, softness and flexibility. In addition, it helps absorb and retain moisture, delivering intense, deep nourishment.

Professional tip:

The Smart Care Colour line is the perfect choice for hair that is dyed, damaged by chemical procedures or prone to frequent breaking. Its action prolongs the intensity of hair colour and can be used after Brazilian Keratin treatments.

Advanced technology and that combats fading and maintains tones.

The formula is rich in vitamins that nourish hair and improve the surface of each strand. Hair is left untangled, soft and shiny and colour is preserved.Its protective action creates a barrier on each strand of hair to protect them from external damage and fading.